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Spartan Bioscience is decentralizing testing from traditional labs with the Spartan Cube. Get accurate results within an hour.

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Genomadix Inc.

OTTAWA, September 17th, 2021

Spartan Bioscience Inc. (Spartan) announces today that its primary assets have been acquired by Genomadix Inc. (Genomadix) a new company formed to carry on Spartan’s mission.  Genomadix, based in Ottawa Canada, ensures that Spartan’s disruptive technology, and talented team of scientists, engineers and biotech professionals, remain in Canada and dedicated to realizing Spartan’s vision in enabling access to highly accurate molecular diagnostics to the masses outside of the confines of traditional laboratories.

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Spartan aims to revolutionize diagnostics—with fast, portable, and accurate DNA results. Spartan’s diagnostic platform can go places where access to diagnostic testing may have previously been limited. Our current products include tests for COVID-19, Legionella bacteria, and CYP2C19 genotyping.


Rapid identification of the COVID-19 virus.


Rapid genotyping for antiplatelet therapy. 



Rapid identification of Legionella bacteria in water systems.




What Is The
Spartan Cube?

The Spartan Cube is a fast, accurate, and portable molecular analyzer. The Cube uses the same gold standard of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology as a full service lab – without the bricks and mortar. The power and accuracy of PCR is now decentralized, bringing portable lab testing to the masses.

Sample to result in about an hour



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